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We specialize in powder coating services. Our approach applies a powder coat to hardware using a free flowing powder and is effective on metal surfaces. Simpler than ordinary paints, powder coating doesn’t require solvent and filler parts, using an electrostatic process to disperse the powder through spray guns. With the application of heat, this thermoplastic powder forms a fine skin upon the applied surface.


Powder coating is popular on a wide variety of metal items motorbikes, gates, displays  and  sheet metal products  due to its uniform finishes and durable results. Compared to liquid paint, a powder coat is more resistant to moisture, impact, chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, scratches, chips and corrosion are mitigated owing to its strength. The finish is more aesthetic than liquid paint too, giving a fine and uniform skin to metal surfaces, equal from all angles. ACOMS Ltd utilizes the best technology and powders to give a flawless finish on all metal products.


Please note we do not coat wheels.

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